Freitag, 2. September 2011

Humanity in Action - What we do and who we are

Humanity in Action Deutschland e.V. is a registered non-profit association. We believe that an important test of a genuine democracy is how it treats its minorities, and that the commitment to democratic values, human rights and the protection of minorities cannot be taken for granted. Since 2002, the organisation is active in international human rights education seminars, workshops and diversity trainings for adults with diverse backgrounds. Participants of these trainings are supported in subsequently realizing local human rights or diversity “action projects” in their own communities. About 70 former learners have formed a German alumni chapter, contribute to the curricula of future trainings and other activities and are active as mentors for new participants.

We have developed several innovative simulations on human rights dilemmas for use in law-related adult education, which will be shared and assessed during this Grundtvig Learning Partnership. Simulating conflicts and negotiations provides a playful and low-threshold way of learning and understanding legal implications and  political dynamics, and can easily be tailored and adapted towards different target groups. Participants take the role of the relevant protagonists within the simulation scenario, have to make a convincing presentation of their position and learn to work towards a compromise acceptable to all.

Humanity in Action Deutschland e.V.  is part of the international human rights initiative "Humanity in Action" with partners in Bosnia-Hercegovina, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Poland and the USA. Additionally, we are member of the European NGO network "DARE - Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe"  with more than 50 members across Europe.

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