Dienstag, 25. Oktober 2011

Law for Life: The Foundation for Public Legal Education

Law for Life: The Foundation for Public Legal Education is an independent education charity that aims to provide ordinary people with an awareness of their rights together with the confidence and skills to assert them. We provide learning and information about rights and the law, so that people can be empowered in their every-day lives.

  • We deliver community based projects to disadvantaged groups.
  • We support other organisations to help their users make sense of the law by delivering training, consultancy and research.
  • We work with our sister project Advicenow to provide a web site that explains how to manage legal situations in a straight-forward way.
Law for Life was formed following the cessation of the Public Legal Education Network (Plenet) which received government development funding until March 2011. Law for Life was established to build upon the work carried out by Plenet since its launch in 2008 and incorporates the memebrship of over 600 organisations and individuals.

Over the last three years we have enjoyed a number of achievements, including creating an online membership network, delivering events and seminars, developing a range of partnership-based pilot projects, creating an international research and evaluation group to bring together international interests, and producing key population-based research studies.

The Law for Life website showcases good practice with a combination of tools, guides, case studies and analysis of the wide range of activities that involve Public Legal Education. We also commission and publish articles on key PLE themes to promote debate and discussion.

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