Dienstag, 8. November 2011

CePI - Centre for Positive Integration

Centre for Positive Integration (CePI) is a relatively young organization, established in the spring of 2008 by six Danish students. CePI is based solely on volunteers and is thus entirely driven by commitment and devotion of these dedicated people, who spend their spare-time on CePI.

The main work of CePI can be divided into two “pillars”: legal counselling and participating in the public debate. CePI believes that one of the keys to successful integration is for everyone to know and understand one’s rights. Many citizens, who do not speak or read Danish fluently, often have troubles navigating through the legal system, and ensuring even basic social rights hence becomes challenging. Our legal counselling office is located at the heart of one of the most culturally diverse areas in Copenhagen. This counselling is for free and varies a great deal from simple questions on translating a letter from the government to more complicated cases on family reunification etc.

At the same time, CePI participates actively in the public debate via our blog as well as by writing comments and chronicles to be published in newspapers. Lately we have also been focusing on social medias such as Facebook, Twitter etc. Hence, CePI aims to inform a broader audience on the topic of integration by shedding light on the many difficulties and obstacles that some people may experience when trying to participate in and integrate into the Danish society. Also, the public debate in Denmark is often shaped by negative news stories regarding integration. CePI therefore tries to nuance this - at times somewhat one-sided - picture by ensuring that the more positive news stories on integration also see the light of day.

Besides doing legal counselling and participating in the debate, CePI has been involved in numerous different events and projects. In the spring of 2011 we were part of a European project, where the purpose was to test to what extent discrimination was a problem in nightclubs around Europe. This summer, CePI raised awareness about the growing discrimination towards Roma people working at the Roskilde Festival.

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