Donnerstag, 6. Dezember 2012

"Solve your 'family conflict' at home..." - domestic violence in Hungary

What is more dangerous for a woman than breast cancer of traffic accidents? Unfortunately it often is her own partner. Depending on the region, 20 to 59 percent of the world’s female population is exposed to domestic violence, according to “Terre des femmes”, an NGO.
Domestic violence means to exert power and control over the partner and thus is mostly never a single event but performed systematically as physical, sexual and psychological violence. It ranges from threats and humiliation, to beating up, rape and even murder. Social isolation and economic dependency are common characteristics as well.
The fact that it is mostly women who suffer from domestic violence is closely linked to global structural gender inequalities, as reported by “Terre des femmes”. That means that even in so called modern societies boys and girls often grow up with role expectations of masculinity being defined as the exercise of power, physical strength, leadership or dominance, and femininity understood as tolerance, empathy, passivity or even inferiority. That is why domestic violence is a problem throughout all social backgrounds, no matter if your partner is a doctor, a lawyer or a cleaner.
In some countries the acceptance of male violence is high, even in the European Union. Domestic violence is frequently treated as a private matter. This seems to be particularly the case in Hungary, where this type of offense is subject to private charges.
According to Dr. Júlia Spronz, a lawyer at “Patent”, a Hungarian NGOs fighting for women’s rights, current procedural rules in cases of domestic violence “send a clear message to society that violence against women is not a concern for the state”.

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  1. Although I am one of those people who believe that house matters should be solved inside the house but many dont angry. They like displaying themselves.