Montag, 6. Mai 2013

The Meeting in Copenhagen

Time is moving fast and the meeting in Copenhagen is now in less than two weeks. We are looking forward to hosting the meeting and showing you guys what CePI is all about.

The meeting will consist of three events, which hopefully will give a consistent understanding of what our organisation is currently all about – which processes working with integration in Denmark works and which do not work – an insight into our best practises.

CePI consists of three different components, namely: Political debate, project work and legal counselling, all of which are important in forming that profile, which displays both the way we believe working with problems concerning integration in Denmark makes most sense and, thus, our best practice.

Hence, the sunny Saturday in Copenhagen will present you with these three components and with insight into how we make them work – and importantly, how we make them work in a purely voluntary organisation. And of course we have made time for a discussion of our best practises.       

For practical information, as promised at the meeting in Budapest, we have created the following event on facebook:

The event will be open from Monday the 13th and closed as soon as every organisation is present. We believe that the event might make it easier to coincide and make plans for the 17th and possible on the 19th too, if you guys are up for it.

We hope you have all found hotels and plane tickets of your pleasing. And we hope your trip here will be delightful.

You can always reach us on mail: and eventually on a phone number we will send you on a later date as well as a precise schedule of the 18th.

For now, all the best,

// CePI             

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  1. Good report, one should read it and get benefit out of it. Thank you for sahring it with us and keep posting such informative posts