Freitag, 14. Juni 2013

Meeting in Copenhagen, May 18, 2013, Agenda and Group Picture

Agenda for the Meeting in Copenhagen, May 18th 2013
Meeting hosted by CePI -

1.      Morning session at The City Hall of Copenhagen
-          Introduction to CePI by Irina Papazu and Cecilie Brøndum Boesen, members of CePI’s board
-          Introduction to the legal and political framework of integration in the City of Copenhagen
by Neil Stenbæk Bloem, member of the City Counsel of Copenhagen and member of CePI.

2.      Walking tour from the City hall to the immigrant district Nørrebro
-          Nørrebro, the most multicultural part of the city with a large concentration of immigrants and also the place where CePI has been active since 2008.

3.      Project Monitoring Workshop
-          Sharing best practices
-          Discussing the final publication with success stories
- Planning of dissemination activities and final project report 

4.      Introduction to CePIs legal advise project on location - walkting tour of Hothers plads and Mjølners Parken, Nørrebro
-          Introduction to CePIs best practice inspired by the Grundtvig project
-          Short walking tour of one of Copenhagens most marginalized areas

Dinner at a middle-eastern café at Nørrebrogade

Participants of the meeting during the walking tour at  Nørrebro


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